About QueTel

QueTel’s business is tracking and managing uniquely numbered items — serialized equipment, physical evidence, digital files, documents, and people — for law enforcement business operations. Each poses separate challenges, but all share the need to permit authorized users to know where the unique item while securely handling and storing the data or item itself.

Our history has been one of continual software enhancement, to keep up with technology and to continue its leadership in addressing changing demands of its clients for new features and new applications. Over the last 30 years, our business model has been one of seizing on tested technology advances to provide features to solve expressed client needs and, often, needs which they may not have fathomed, until they saw it available in our software. We believe tracing our history previews our trajectory into the future to server our clients’ needs for the next decade.

Why Choose Us

For a quarter of a century QueTel has served law enforcement with innovative software solutions for evidence management—collecting, assembling, processing, and presenting, including physical evidence tracking and digital evidence management—and quartermaster inventory.

Founded in 1982, QueTel’s mantra is to be the technology leader in automating the back office operations of law enforcement — evidence (physical and digital), forensic request processing (LIMS), impounded vehicles, quartermaster, and training/certification.
QueTel’s portfolio of products reside in one easily maintainable system resting on a database with a common user interface that makes each software component easy to learn and use. A client may decide to purchase any one or a combination of product components depending on its needs.
QueTel provides a full range of implementation services to ensure the software purchased meets agency needs. This process starts with understanding your needs and configuring the software to your unique needs, while helping you tailor your processes to take advantage of the technology. We install the software on your server or host it on our secure CJIS compliant cloud web server.

Consulting Services

We can help with a full range of consultative and implementation planning to make large, complex installations flow smoothly.

We provide training for Train the Trainers and training for newly assigned intensive users, either on-site or via the Web


Top Notch Support

When you implement with QueTel, you become one of the family and your success is our success. Our support team is available to assist you on every step of the way!

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