Customer Testimonials

The new features in Evidence TraQ have really saved me time. The paperless disposition module allowed me to get rid of 1,148 items the first month. Since then for every item coming in, we get rid of three. We’re really clearing this place out. I do a drug destruction in about 10 minutes. However, for the old cases, I have to spend five hours updating paper files. At 10 to 12 drug destructions a year, it absorbs better than a week. I can’t wait until all the old cases are purged. We do a quarterly inventory of high value items. It used to take six to eight hours each. Now I can do it in two.

Sgt. Greg Horton, Mount Pleasant (SC) Police Department

Your development team was fantastic installing the components and assisting us training the P&E team. We appreciate your assistance in getting this launched in such a short period.

Daren T. Wood, Commander, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

I'd like to share an experience with you that I thought might be a good selling point for the software. Last week we conducted a prostitution sting at a local motel. We took a laptop computer down to the hotel with us so we could run arrestee criminal history and check for warrants. We also completed our case report and supplements. Each case involved numerous pieces of evidence. The evidence detective praised Quetel and how easy it was to complete the evidence piece of each case. He logged and packaged all the evidence at the hotel. All he had to do back at the PD was place the evidence bar code on the package before going home. This is just a great example of the ease of your software.

Lt. Dan Swafford, Vandalia PD

The technical support is second to none. Very friendly & knowledgeable staff.

Dave Canaday, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

We have been using QueTel for 3 ½ years and are very happy with it. From the ease of understanding/working with the TraQ bar-code system to the outstanding customer service. The support team is always available when we have a question or need assistance. I would highly recommend this system to any agency.

Martha McAndrews, San Angelo Police Department.

We picked QueTel because no one else came close!

Commander of Support Services from a large mid-Atlantic Police Agency.

You can see this was designed by cops . . . it’s so easy to use. The other systems we’ve seen were not designed by law enforcement.

Sgt. leading the forensics unit in an agency with 600 sworn officers.

I love the simplicity of the QueTel system.

A 27 year veteran Property and Evidence Supervisor in Northern California.

You are the easiest of our vendors to work with.

IT Director for a California Police Department.

After half an hour, it was as if I’d been using TraQ for years.

Stanislaus County SO Property Supervisor after testing TraQ at a neighboring agency.

I’ve been at this 25 years and have seen a lot of software. Evidence TraQ is the only one I’ve never had a problem with.

Veteran Officer, Medford, Oregon Police Department as explained to visiting property officer from another agency.

We haven’t used a sheet of paper since January 1. [January 1, 2009 is the date the system went live.]

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office