How to connect Windows CE device to your PC

Are you stuck trying to upload the handheld data to the system but the scanner does not connect to your computer?

in order to upload, the mobile handheld barcode scanner to TraQ, it needs to be connected to the client’s network.  This involves making sure that Windows Mobile Device Center is properly installed and configured.  Whether connection wireless by Wi-Fi or via a cradle or USB connection, the scanner needs to make the network aware that it wants to connect. This knowledge base is for USB connection only. First download and install Windows Mobile Device Center in PC where the handheld device is connected to USB.

32bit PC: download it from 

64 bit PC: download it from

After download, install and configure it. (Require admin rights)

Install Instructions:

  1. Connect your device to your PC
  2. Download the Windows Mobile Device Center(from the link provided above)
  3. Select 'Run this program from its current location' and click OK
  4. Follow Instructions on the screen

Configuring Instructions:

  1. Connect the device to your PC while in cradle and device is turned ON
  2. Windows Mobile Device Center is launched automatically
  3. Select “Setup your Device”

IMPORTANT: When no email program is installed on PC, popup will display about no Outlook installed > click OK

  1. un-check all check boxes > click Next
  2. Input Device Name and click OK and follow instructions on the screen.

Before you click to log or 'Send Data to TraQ' into TraQ6 (or TraQ Express) program on handheld, Windows Mobile Device Center on PC should show 'Connected' as status and show 4 icons on the right side as shown below. (Programs and Services, Pictures, Music and Video, File Management, Mobile Device Settings)