Paperless Evidence Management

Many actors and many steps are involved in processing evidence, from officers and crime scene investigators in the field, to the property room and on though forensic processing, to detectives, prosecutors and the courts. Ultimately most evidence needs to be purged.

Actors can merely stumble along and “handle” evidence as it move through the process, or they can manage it proactively, to reduce duplication, eliminate paper, and streamline manual processes—in short be more efficient.

The first step in being proactive is to clearly understanding each step in the evidence flow and anticipating the steps, by alerting each actor to events s/he needs to act upon. The enclosed graph provides a visual point of departure for understanding the steps.

QueTel’s evidence management software, Evidence TraQ, and its sister application, Digital TraQ for digital evidence management do just that. It has been able the help agencies from coast to coast manage evidence efficiently and paperlessly.