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QueTel’s software and systems have all been developed initially by experts in the field — former or current evidence technicians; crime scene photographers; and our in-house experience with warehouse systems. This provides us with the ability to assist prospective and current clients to implement best practices and procedures, when they are venturing into new territory or striving to make the most of automation.


Redaction Center

The Redaction Center lifts the burden of coping with the unpredictable demand for FOIA public disclosure requests to view body worn camera (BWC) videos. The Center does the work for agencies to redact faces and other sensitive subject matter that is needed to protect personal privacy. BWC videos are different from fixed point surveillance videos that are recorded from a steady visual perspective. The challenge BWC videos present to a redactor is constant movement. It is not only the subject that moves, but the window of the camera shifts continuously, as the officer moves. This means that, even a still subject will appear and disappear in seconds, only to reappear. Finding software that is agile enough to respond to this type of movement is the core of the Center’s technology.



Based on the review we define or refine an implementation plan, indicate the configuration we propose to our off-the-shelf software and any customization that appears necessary in a briefing-type design document. We anticipate as part of this process suggesting policies and procedures based on our experience. We will test import existing data for review and approval existing data and/or provide tools to take initial inventory of what’s on the shelf in evidence and/or stock rooms, as well as assets or equipment that has been deployed. We will train the trainers in their respective roles. At cut over we will be available on-site to work with key users as they begin to employ the system.


Training & Support

The Good news is that our software will outlast the Career of any departmental personnel, some of our clients used TraQ for little over 20 years and others weren’t so lucky. Some departments have a high rate of turnover in the property room; therefore QueTel implemented a Re-Training program that offers one on one web sessions to new hires in order to better understand our system and use to its full capabilities.

web hosting

Web Hosting

For years, QueTel customers around the world have enjoyed the benefits of our world-class application solutions. Today, leveraging our best-in-class SaaS delivery has never been easier! QueTel’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provide the most convenient and the most economical way to deploy a solution. SaaS delivery brings you all the features and functionality of our enterprise software and it is managed and hosted by QueTel on a 24x7 basis in our world-class data center facilities. Just think about it: all the benefits of QueTel software, without purchasing new hardware, installing systems, testing, patching, administering, or maintaining a new application infrastructure!

More Services

QueTel offers other services to fit every police department needs.

Evidence Disposition

Our property room experts can help you managing your property room and getting rid of unnecessary evidence.

Custom Solutions

If you do business in a custom way we will work with you to fit your special needs.

Data Porting

Whether your old system is 5 years old or 20 years old technology, we can import your old data.


Have new staff that needs to be trained? We offer in-site or online training.

Server Relocation

Moving your system to new server(s)? We can help with the move.

Software Updates

You will always get the latest updates of our system. We keep up with technology changes and make sure our system will server you for many many years to come.